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           The smile that spread across his lips reached his eyes. Akefia’s suggestion hadn’t been what he expected, since them going out in public was typically something they tended to not want to do, but somehow the idea of going to the zoo with the male was actually appealing. And any mention of Akefia’s giraffe stuffie would never fail to make him smile.  

                      "Of course."

           He gave a little hum as an idea came to him, and  he tilted his head slightly.

                      "Do you want to bring Mokuba along too? I’ll
                       bet he’d like the trip as much as you will.”


Akefia ceased his squirming and perked up at Kaiba’s words. He didn’t know why he was expecting the brunet to say no, there was hardly ever even a time where he did say no. But Akefia figured His request was a big one. He listened when Kaiba spoke again, mentioning Mokuba. Almost instantly the whitenette nodded. “Yes! I’m sure we can all have a bunch of fun at the zoo! Yaay! You’re gonna have fun too, right?” He kept his arms tight around the male. “With all the animals and stuff oooh I’m bringing Raffy he’d love to go!”

 It wasn’t often they did public things, and someplace like the zoo wasn’t even typical for just Kaiba to go to. There were sure to be people staring, but right now Akefia didn’t even care, he was happy to be going to the zoo with his boyfriend and hid boyfriend’s brother. It sounded perfect. “I can go get Mokuba and then like go get ready and stuff!”

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           ”It is important though.”

He chuckled, pressing a kiss to the whitenette’s cheek. This time last year, Kaiba had gone to Akefia’s apartment when the male still lived there to surprise him on his birthday, and the male had been so down on himself. Upset that he was a year older without feeling like he’d done anything with his life. But now he was just happy, and that couldn’t bring a smile to Kaiba’s lips fast enough.

"And I love you. More than anything."

After placing one more kiss to Akefia’s cheek, Kaiba pulled back to look at him.

"Now, since it’s your birthday, you get to
           chose what you want to do. So. What do
you want to do? Whatever you want, I’ll
           make it happen.”


“Mm, nope. Just another day.” Akefia chuckled a bit, his smile widening as Kaiba kissed his cheek. He was just so happy right now, which was odd considering that was the total opposite of how he felt every other year on his birthday, last year being no exception. Kaiba had made it better though. Maybe it was because this year, he was living with Kaiba and was just the happiest he’d ever been in his life. Kaiba was perfect.

“Noooo you can’t because I love you more.” He stuck his tongue out with a grin, before watching as Kaiba pulled back, looking back at him as well. “Hm…” He thought for a moment, there was a lot possible but one things stuck out. “Um… Seto-Chan, can we go to the zoo? I haven’t been since I got Raffy.” The male mumbled squirming a bit.

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