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I’ve been trying to avoid doing this for as long as I can, but this needs to end. I need you guys to spread this like wildfire, because this has gone on way too long and I’m sick of letting myself be walked all over for the sake of peace. 

Tumblr user and RPer  tribus-corda-putredine, also known as Sami, mortalprinceofasgardzack-lee-fairobnoxiousspacecoremotherfuckingdeathbykonami, and lastly, the main topic of this post, sir-crxtias, has been plagiarizing from me and a popular artist in the Yugioh community.

Though this isn’t focused on what happened between me and her, I’m going to give a short explanation, because it does pertain to what is happening now.

First, I want to give the perspective of this: Sami had never heard of the character in question, Critias, before I showed her the specific season he was in. We were friends, we had a falling out, and she created this account. While she has every right to do so, minus the plagiarism, it’s obvious that this was done to be vindictive.

That fact aside, the main issue here is her stealing headcanons and creative creations from me and a pixiv artist. PLEASE DON’T LET THIS GO UNNOTICED. There are images and screencap evidences below the cut. I’m begging you to not pass this by, plagiarism is serious.

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((SO I believe relationships for both modern Akefia and Ancient Akefia are finnnaly done! i forgot how pretty Seth is. So I totally made new page for Ancient!Kefi relationships, which he needs more of XD And Modern!Kefi his relationships page is what Bakura’s is, or is soon to be was. So yeah! Now to go totally change and update Bakura’s relationships!! Wheeeee~ ))

((Messing with a bunch of relationship stuff and moving pages between accounts so yeah, bit distracted. I did fix about page for ancient Akefia though! So much o i’m typing this on not the account I wanted to.))