Hello, I'm Akefia Bakura and Domino City is my Residence..Ask what you want and be done with it.
((If you would like to speak to my thief king musie please specify otherwise you get modern Kefia))

(M!A Kefia: None))

((M!A Thiefy: None))

((AU Thief Bakura blog and Thief king Bakura))

((SO I believe relationships for both modern Akefia and Ancient Akefia are finnnaly done! i forgot how pretty Seth is. So I totally made new page for Ancient!Kefi relationships, which he needs more of XD And Modern!Kefi his relationships page is what Bakura’s is, or is soon to be was. So yeah! Now to go totally change and update Bakura’s relationships!! Wheeeee~ ))

((Messing with a bunch of relationship stuff and moving pages between accounts so yeah, bit distracted. I did fix about page for ancient Akefia though! So much o i’m typing this on not the account I wanted to.))